A team of radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, nurses and medical physicists uses modern technologies to destroy tumours with radiation (radiotherapy). Their task is to design and execute the optimal treatment for each individual patient. This radiation oncology team is embedded in a larger team of healthcare professionals including radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and medical oncologists.

The success of modern radiation oncology is based on the intelligent adoption of advanced cancer treatment and imaging technologies by the radiation oncology team.  The radiation oncology team’s work on the development of innovative treatment strategies resulted in continuously improved cure rates for cancer patients.

Our vision is to cure even more patients with fewer complications and provide the best possible patient care.

Within the radiation oncology team, radiation oncologists supervise the process of planning and delivering radiotherapy, manage any complications of the disease or treatment and follow the progress of treatment outcome. They are oncologists who specialise in the use of radiation to treat cancer.

Together with radiation therapists, who are in daily and close contact with the patients, they help deliver radiation treatments to cancer patients. They take care of the preparation of immobilisation devices and the CT scans before the treatment and check the accuracy of daily treatments carefully.

Radiotherapy nurses and dieticians further support the patient during the course of their treatment.

The proper computer simulation of the treatment and the accurate delivery of radiation require the skills of medical physicists in the team.

Some particular roles and responsibilities of the individual professions may differ for some European countries. Yet, successful cancer treatment and radiotherapy is built on the concerted effort of all team members. High-quality imaging equipment and therapy machines, supported by cutting-edge software tools in the hands of skilled professionals are key components to fight cancer successfully.

The radiation oncology team joins forces with medical oncologists and surgeons to design the best treatment for each individual patient. This treatment depends on the initial diagnosis that is supported by radiologists who locate the disease within the cancer patient and by pathologists who define the type and stage of cancer on specimens obtained from tumour biopsies. Together, as a multidisciplinary team, the radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists, radiologists, dieticians, and nurses, all support the delivery of radiotherapy in the most effective and comfortable way for each individual patient.

The radiation oncology team strives to further improve radiotherapy and radiation dose delivery.

Active research in all areas, from physics, engineering, biology, pathology to pharmacology and oncology fosters further innovation and improved quality in radiation oncology.