by GELA Team

Passion for Life

Life is beautiful when it is full of passion. Our patient risked losing it. Radiotherapy cures cancer and gives back passion so that patients can share it in harmony with other people.


  • G. Quartarone – Technician
  • C. Miceli – Technician
  • F. Cammarata – Technician
  • MPH R. Costa – Medical Physicist
  • MPH C. Stancampiano – Medical Physicist

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  • MD R. Salvo – Radiation Therapist
  • MD A.D. Seca – Radiation Therapist
  • MD G. Cartia – CHief Department
  • S. Campo – Nursing Assistant
  • MD G. Di Franco – Radiation Therapist
  • L. Di Maggio – Nurse

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Creative Challenge Video Contest

Finalists of the Marie Curie 150th Creative Challenge

Marie Curie’s incredible and lasting legacy in research

by Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN)

Marie Curie’s legacy in research goes from improving radiotherapy treatment for cancer through better tumor targeting, individual biomarkers, decreasing side effects, developing new radiopharmaceuticals, to education of the young generation.

A beam that cures

by Elisabetta Bonzano

A genial theory blossomed 150 years ago, like a light beam, through the commitment of thousand of researchers and patients, became the cure and the hope today for million of people.

Marie Curie's life in stop motion

by Natalia Benitez Velarde

A brief and fun history of Marie Curie’s life in a short stop motion video. I hope you enjoy and learn something new about Marie Curie!

Mother of radium - LEGO

by Jakub Fedak & Mateusz Brudnik

The film presents the Curie's laboratory during the discovery of radium. In the second part, we present today's use of this element in medicine and cancer treatment.

Radiotherapy from my point of view (360 video)

by Maurizio Portaluri, Giulio De Riccardis, Cristiano Maci, Marcello Vinella & Enrico Gemm

We came up with the idea of creating 360 immersive videos to show to patients before their first treatment, in order to reduce their level of anxiety!

A musical tribute to Marie Curie

by Christian Boukaram

This video shows the work of Marie Curie who changed the course of history by discovering radiotherapy, a cure for cancer. Presented with a cover of O Sole Mio.

From Radioactivity to Radiotherapy

by Team (MD)^2

The discovery of radioactivity paved the way to cure cancer with use of radiation. Nowadays radiotherapy helps millions of cancer patients every year.

"Science underlies every progress that facilitates human life and reduces suffering"
Marie Skłodowska-Curie.

Do you know…?

by Primary school No. 6 in Elbląg, Radiotherapy Center in Elbląg, Truso TV (Poland)

Pupils often visit Radiotherapy Center. Here, they get to know how effectively cure cancer and what was the role of Maria Skłodowska-Curie in this process. That is why the movie was prepared in this place.

The actors were: Pola, her grandmother and doctor Andrzej Badzio.

About the contest

On 7th November 2017 we launched the Marie Curie 150th Creative Challenge – a Video Contest in which anyone could participate by providing creative content sustaining the message “radiotherapy cures cancer”. The videos would help us celebrate the legacy of this exceptional woman by spreading the word on the benefits of radiotherapy in curing cancer. We thank all participants of the Marie Curie 150th Creative Challenge! They provided great content and many new insights into radiotherapy, for which we are grateful. The contest ended with 9 finalists, and the public voted for a winner via our social media channels. The winner was crowned during  ESTRO37 in Barcelona. This space is dedicated to the winning video and other finalists.